You probably hear all kinds of claims from all kinds of people calling themselves the specialists. The fact is only experience can really make anyone a specialist. Serving our customers for over a decade! Our experience speaks for itself.

At Amarillo Towing, we never forget that we are dealing with your customer. Therefore, we have a professional attitude and a commitment to providing timely solutions for your heavy haul needs. We specialize in short-notice hauls. When is has to be there as soon as humanly possible, Amarillo Towing is the logistical solution.

Whether you need a tractor-trailer towed to your home terminal or have a piece of equipment moved, Amarillo Towing is the nationwide solution.  Since we have authority to operate in all 48 states, we can get it there on-time, short-notice safe and sound.  A simple telephone call is all it takes to get the ball rolling.  Then, simply set back knowing the job is being done and your equipment will arrive safely and on-time.